Monday, March 21, 2011

TO BE or not to bee...

The carpenter bee a carpenter be
When she drills holes in a tree;
No harm in this can I see
So long as she drill none in me!

Stephen Brooke ©2011

A poem while raking up leaves in the yard as I get things into shape on Peanut Road. Lots to do. As always.

The carpenter bees are buzzing everywhere, thus the versifying. It's starting to look nicer, with some blooms out. They sort of distract one from the general shabbiness!

I've been attempting to compost pretty much everything. That includes my mom's disposable undies, a couple a day on average. Comes to quite a few after a while and I found that they simply were not breaking down well so I've taken to tearing out the absorbent stuffing (which actually helps hold moisture in the compost, a bonus) and then drying the paper part for burning later on. I had a lot of them I ended up removing from the compost pile but finally got them all done. No more undies scattered around in the yard to dry!

Incidentally, they will not burn well -- if at all -- with the absorbent material still inside.

Setting out more plants, as most Springs. And some won't take, of course. More Robin Hood Roses out front. They're looking great now but won't when the weather gets too hot and dry. They have all survived a couple of seasons though so I'm okay with them here. Done better, surprisingly, than the Firethorn (which is way too costly but I may be able to start my own in time).

I've finally managed to kill the oak out back via 'ringing,' thanks to the new big bow-saw. I was just never able to cut deeply enough into it before. I may go after some more now, including the large Live Oak out front. It would, eventually , be overhanging the house so it's best to be rid of it. It's surrounded by azaleas that haven't been trimmed since...well, sometime before I moved here. I'll cut them way back this year, after blooming, and be able to get in to the oak's trunk. The really large Red Oak north of the house is just to big for me to handle myself though and I wouldn't want it dead and dropping limbs on us!

I'd been budgeting to get it taken down professionally but now I'm thinking I'd better use that money to fix the roof (finally). I suppose I could even do it myself but it's a pretty big job. Speaking of the roof, I'm going to get up and paint the South-facing porch roof white soon -- it gets terribly hot under there on sunny Summer days and a coating should help.

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