Monday, April 11, 2011

CB to FB

I'd shoot the breeze on the CB Radio
back in the days of disco and Brezhnev
Times have changed, gone from CB to FB
and my good buddy's now my BFF
My hand on the wheel, my eye on the road,
I was watchin' for Smokey and bein' a badass ;
now I'm lookin' at this little screen,
checkin' my page, updatin' my status.

Breaker, breaker, be my Face Book friend;
ten-four, good buddy, got some time to spend,
rollin' down the highway but stayin' on line
while I keep an eye open for the exit sign.
We'll play Farmville and poke each other,
look for old girlfriends or maybe their mother
and find pictures of cute cats to send;
Breaker, breaker, be my Face Book friend!

Gotta be careful what you share,
there's no 10-35 on here,
and watch for apps that'll hijack your rig;
it's a treacherous road we sometimes steer!
But it's wide open, down the internet,
no boy scouts anywhere I look;
OMG, I have a new friend,
forget that radio, I have Face Book!

Stephen Brooke ©2011

A rough lyric, written out in bits and pieces over a couple or three days. The concept is not great, I know, just something to play around with. I got the idea over at the Harmony Central board when someone posited that Face Book was the new CB radio, i.e. a fad that will fade as quickly as it came. I don't buy that, exactly, but the parallels of the two media were enough to inspire this piece. Which was also, obviously, inspired by those CB radio/trucker songs of the 70s.

Other news: as I had suspected, my old tom cat, Bones, passed away. He hadn't shown up here in quite some time. Yesterday I found his remains and buried him out on a little hill near the fence where he used to enjoy napping and sunning himself. Bones was already in residence here when I moved in 4 and half years ago, so he had good longevity for an outdoors tom who carried on like Charlie Sheen. RIP, Bones.

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