Saturday, April 23, 2011

Every artist should have a mission statement, right? I jotted down some thoughts in that direction, trying to be a bit more concise, trying to cut closer to the basics, than I have in some little essays and such in the past...

a manifesto, of sorts

My art will be art that says something, that has a point of view. Concept, in and by itself, is not enough; the concept can be only the starting point.

My art will not be clever for the sake of cleverness. It may, however, be clever.

My art will be about both me and my audience. It is a conversation.

My art will not confuse self-indulgence with creativity. It will not be lazy. It will not lack focus.

My art will seek true realism in metaphor, which gives form and meaning to all communication and thought.

My art will look to the future and the past, but avoid being obsessed with current fashion.

My art will recognize that technique is important only to the degree that it allows one to achieve ones goals.

Stephen Brooke 2011

Note: By 'art' I mean all forms of art, not only painting or other visual arts. Whether I paint, compose, write, this statement applies.

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