Friday, April 08, 2011


Fallen here before you,
too broken to repair,
living for the pain,
blinded by despair,

I lay my head to rest,
hope I never wake;
yesterday's a lie,
tomorrow's a mistake.

Promises forgotten,
eyes closed to the dawn,
shattered sky above me,
light already gone --

shed a tear for me;
I'll shed one for you.
Silence held no wisdom,
the dark was never true

and life’s not worth the effort
of another breath.
Fallen here before you --
fallen to my death.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Had a bit of a roundabout on this one -- from a somewhat serious song idea to what ended up as an attempt at a blatantly angsty poem, i.e. not exactly a serious statement. This does present its own set of problems -- it must come off as legitimate, it must still be written as well as possible (within reason). It must not be doggerel nor light verse but, rather, as something a truly depressed or dejected/rejected individual might write. Of course, the fact that I have my own natural tendencies in this direction made it easier -- a bit of self-parody, in essence!

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