Sunday, April 03, 2011

IT SEEMS to me that if one wants to sell a CD -- or album's worth of downloads -- these days, one must give the buyer more for his money. More music, maybe more multimedia content as well. The ten-to-twelve song offering is not going to cut it; offer 16, 18, 20, if you can.

And maybe throw in a video or art work or lyrics or all of them. Put some PDFs on that disc, some picture galleries. Otherwise, why should anyone bother to buy them instead of downloading for free somewhere?

So when am I going to get an album out? I don't know if there is any point, as long as I am unable to play out anywhere, to support it and generate interest. Things remain very unsettled here on Peanut Road and recording is admittedly not a priority. Though I do continue to write songs!

The concept for the eventual CD has been evolving. Yes, it will have a lot of songs on it now. And I have decided that ALL of them will be Florida-related. I have 21 songs with definite Florida subject matter and another half-dozen that could be considered somewhat related. That's not a huge number, less than a tenth of my total output, but more than enough to pick 16 or so for this project.

To be called 'Sunshine Land,' by the way.

As far as any side-projects go, they'll have to be even further in the future -- collaboration would not be very easy at this point. Not only because of where I live and my duties that keep me tied here but because my incredibly bad dial-up internet makes the uploading and downloading of music somewhere between frustrating and impossible.

In the mean time, there's loads of work to do, taking care of my mother, taking care of this place. Life goes on, even when I sometimes don't feel much like traveling with it.

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