Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wet Blanket

I'm the short in your live wire,
the wet blanket for your fire;
always less than you desire,
I have nothing you require.

I'll not be there when you call,
never count on me at all.
Your house of cards is sure to fall;
I'll be missing from the wall.

I'm an entree with no spice,
your cocktail weak with melted ice.
Not much virtue, not a vice,
once I'm sampled, not tried twice.

I'll never be all I can be,
no acorn that becomes the tree.
Depend on just one thing from me,
my undependability.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

The latest outbreak of doggerel. I'll take me meds to try to prevent more but relapses are probably inevitable.

For the last month or so, my dial-up internet here on Peanut Road has been horrendously bad. It began with the bad storm front then and each that has followed has knocked it down as soon as it seemed to be getting back on its feet. Just now recovering a bit from the last storms that came through but it is still very slow and very erratic. I have not been able to spend much time on line or, I should say, the time I've spent on line has included a great deal of waiting and page-reloading so I haven't been able to do much or visit as much as usual. Some sites, such as My Space, are simply impossible when it's like this.

It is not the telephone wiring in my house. I ran a line direct from the jack out in the box to my PC and it made no difference. Nor is it the computer, since both machines are equally slow. So it is either the telephone lines before they reach here and/or the hubs further upstream. Considering how it started to go down before the last storm actually reached here, I'd say the problems are at least partially well away from here.

Oh well, someday maybe I'll have some form of high-speed here. I've been miffed enough to once again investigate satellite internet but the price and drawbacks (latency, slow-ish upload) make that an unlikely solution. I suppose some sort of wireless connection might work, though cell phone reception is rather poor in this house. I reckon if I took the PC out in the field next door it would work...

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