Monday, May 23, 2011


There are no love songs in my heart,
none left to beguile;
I sold them all to pretty girls
for a kiss and a smile.
And at the time, each bargain made
seemed more than worthwhile,
But now I've not one love song left,
not one song to beguile.

And each and every pretty girl,
each girl I have known,
Took away one verse of my heart
and kept it as her own.
Oh,there's no doubt I loved them all,
though memory has flown;
So who's to say who got the bargain,
I or the girls I've known.

There are no sorrows in my heart,
I'll not regret one song,
Sold to please a smiling face --
in that I find no wrong.
Or win the heart of a pretty girl,
for that's where they belong,
But now I have no more songs left,
no, not one love song.

Stephen Brooke ©2011 (first verse from 2003)

So, the story on this one: the first verse was written back in '03 as a stand-alone poem. Found it with the others from that period I've been looking through and revising and thought 'hey, this is song!' And maybe it is now.

At any rate, it's a longer poem with two added stanzas. Did I slightly change the mood and feel with these additions? Probably so, but that's a risk whenever you rework something. It could be a song...think Irish.

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