Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Cold cuts, cigarette butts,
Sittin' here, goin' slowly nuts.
TV news, a couple of brews,
Seems like I've got nothin' to lose.

Dirty dishes, misplaced wishes,
No more point to bein' ambitious.
Another dawn, she's still gone,
And life just keeps on keepin' on.

Another broken heart,
That tries to understand;
Another broken life,
I've done all I can.
Every broken promise
has broken who I am;
Broken dreams have left me
Another broken man.

Lately I'm just wastin' time,
Tryin' to force some reason and rhyme.
A lost hound waitin' in the pound,
Hopin' someday to be found.

Morning light, sat all night,
Wonderin' what is wrong and right.
Is what a man does and what a man was
Nothin' more than appearances?

Stephen Brooke ©2011

A song lyric of a country bent. Old-school country, that is -- you aren't so likely to hear stuff like this on contemporary country radio. More suited to the alt country/Americana thing, I suppose. There should be an instrumental break between the third and fourth verses. Or wherever. As usual, there are bits of tune in my head but nothing definite right now.

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