Friday, May 27, 2011

THE FLORIDA Folk Festival is once again this weekend and I once again am missing it. It was not unexpected that my caregiver duties would come first.

I've concluded there's no point in thinking 'maybe I can do this' and 'maybe I can go there' and fooling myself into thinking I might set my responsibilities aside for a day or two. I will never do it. There are no rest stops on this road.

But that's okay and someday the road will come to its end, as all roads do. I'll keep plugging along until then. 'Course I'll have to find a new road then, won't I?

With any luck, it will run across a few stages. In the mean while, I hope all my friends who are over in White Springs are having a good time. Reckon it will be hot! And if you're there, be sure to catch Mean Mary's performances, buy her CDs, etc!

One thing -- besides the getting out to any sort of venues -- that I have given up has been any sort of relationship. Again, no complaints and I'm not sure I'm much in the way of relationship material anyway. I know I'm just a little too jealous of my time to share it much.

So I have let things go. I did let my last relationship pretty much just lapse and slip away. As I pretty much did a few years earlier when I was caregiver for my father and knew that travel was becoming out of the question. It's just not possible to have both, at least not if you want to be fair to everyone involved.

* * *

Well, on a completely different note, I've been doing a fairly full-blown revision of my web site. For a while there it was practically impossible to publish it with the dial-up connection being so erratic. Lately, it's still been slow but more consistent. Sometimes, anyway.

Ha, like me -- occasionally consistent. That's a phrase that ought to show up in a song or something, eh?

Though just now I got on at the best speed I've seen in almost three weeks, 36.0. My sister who lives twenty miles west of me finally got high(ish) speed internet over there, so maybe it will eventually be available here. That would be a good thing, assuming I can afford it.

Anyway, I'm getting the site more consistent too, in terms of fonts, colors, layouts and so on. Still working with Yahoo's Site Builder, as long as I'm using their pretty reasonable hosting (but not their domain service -- they charge way too much). I know these drag-and-drop programs tend to produce bloated code, but they sure save a lot of time if you like to move things around to see how they look!

If I ever had to jettison Yahoo for some reason, I've found that Coffee Cup's Visual Site Designer will work pretty well and similarly. Not very expensive, either. But if one wants free, Kompozer is still one of the nicest wysiwyg HTML editors out there.

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