Sunday, May 22, 2011

I just typed up and archived (on the PC, that is) poem number 600. That's not including haiku, limericks, and other such short-form work, nor most of my songs. Though a few of the songs do also function as stand-alone poems and are counted as both. By the way, I'm up to 214 finished songs at this point and, as usual, have a few works-in-progress.

Anyway, I'm thinking maybe I'd better data base all these poems (what, data base can't be used as a verb?). I did do that with the songs and there are only like three times as many poems...

It would be useful, though, because I sometimes fear a certain redundancy -- the same poem (or nearly the same poem) saved under two different names. So I've made a start (in Open Office Base, again) , categorizing them by name, date and first line. That should take care of almost any confusion. Oh, and of course, publishing dates for those that have appeared in magazines.

* * *

Back to warm Summery weather here on Peanut Road. In the course of a week we went from record highs (96) to record lows (46) around here. Should be back into the mid-90s again today. And getting dry again -- must get out with the hose and try to keep stuff alive.

I have quite literally hundreds of Madagascar Periwinkles (Catharanthus) sprouting now. I have quite a job of transplanting if I decide to save them (or some of them). There are sandy, somewhat barren spots where nothing flourishes but they might. Like the steep bank along the north side of my place -- I've tried to get crown vetch started there a couple times with no success. I guess the periwinkles would be better than nothing, though I have managed to get some Coral Berry (Indian Current -- essentially a bush honeysuckle) doing okay out there now.

The 'new' dog is settling in well. I've never really had a dog before. The family did when I was a kid but I've never owned a pooch. Lots of cats, of course. I've named this boy (still something of a puppy) Tuck. He seems to be at least part Border Collie and is therefore, not surprisingly, pretty smart. Maybe smarter than me.

But also well behaved and readily trainable. And he likes to herd the cat. He's been here about a month now, after showing up as a stray. I did not feed him for the first week, assuming he had a home somewhere (or would go looking for one) but he adopted me so what could I do? I'm pretty sure he belonged to the folks who opened and closed their motorcycle shop across the road this past year, showing up at my door just after they moved out. Their loss, I reckon.

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