Saturday, May 21, 2011


You gave love by the room
when I desired houses.
Such small spaces; how could I
dwell there, ever a guest,

ever a visitor? I would not
have mussed your towels too much
nor broken all your china.
No, rooms were not enough;

my heart needed houses.

Stephen Brooke ©2003

Another older piece. I'm slightly shocked (yes, shocked I tell you!) at quite how many poems I wrote around that time are rather naughty (or even downright pornographic). Must have been a phase I went through...or I fell into bad company on the internet! ;)

I've been fooling around with Open Office Draw lately, seeing if will serve as a replacement for my venerable copy of Corel Draw 8 when this old XP-running computer bites the dust. It seems I can do most of what I usually do in Corel but it is mighty clunky and slow in comparison. I don't think I'd want to work with it regularly.

So I'll look for something else when I finally switch to Windows 7 or whatever. I've found that the free GIMP is a fine alternative to Photoshop Elements so I've got that graphics program covered but I need something to work with for the vector stuff and layouts and such. There are some open source and/or free programs out there I intend to investigate. Or maybe I'll just invest in something new from Corel. I must say, I've always liked Word Perfect too, as a word processing application. Especially nice for laying out poetry and that sort of thing, but Open Office Writer is not at all bad.

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