Friday, May 13, 2011

This is another try at the 'classic' song form, in this case gong for something reminiscent of what might have been written for a Broadway show of the Thirties (or earlier). As such, it is best seen essentially as an exercise.


(opening verses)
It would be lovely to be in love;
Everyone loves to be in love.
Oh gee, oh golly, perhaps it's folly,
But I would love to be in love!

Everyone seems to be in love;
Each boy and girl has someone to love.
Oh golly, oh gee, why not me?
It would be lovely to be in love!

(verses might be sung together or alternated boy and girl -- possibly repeated between choruses)

(chorus: boy)
Each day I see her in the park,
One girl, just one of so many.
Oh, but I might not be happy with any
Other girl in the park.

I should pause, make some remark,
As she passes, laughing with her friends.
When she comes close, my courage ends,
The girl in the park.

(chorus: girl)
Each day I see him at the park,
The boy I pass by as I walk.
I wish that he would stop and talk,
That shy boy at the park.

Sometimes I feel a sudden spark;
Is it the prick of Cupid's dart?
I think that I could give my heart
To the boy at the park.

(choruses might be sung as written here or alternated boy and girl)

(bridge: both)
Perhaps on some fine summer day
When we pass, each on our way,
We will find the words to say.
It should happen and it may
In the park.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

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