Monday, June 20, 2011


Everyone could use some good advice
Life is sometimes just a roll of the dice
Brides and bridegrooms and even those who throw rice
Everyone could use a little advice

Never throw the first punch
Always throw the last
Don't get into a fight
Until your anger's passed

Never make a wager
If there's nothing to win
Don't think you can do right
By committing a sin

Before you start to walk
You have to learn to crawl
If you're gonna be big
You gotta start out small

Drop what you don't need
Before sleep every night
Then whatever's left
Must be what is right

Never be ashamed
To ask for what you need
Don't regret your choice
Once you do the deed

Take what life might give you
If and when you can
Tomorrow opportunity
May fill the other hand

Stephen Brooke ©2011

A song, of a sort of old-fashioned Country variety. The opening four lines there are bridge or chorus or whatever you want to name them. I'd probably start with them and repeat them somewhere a couple times or so among the verses.

Old corn-pone style wisdom, not to be taken too seriously and fairly conventional in its outlook. That's okay, it's just a song, after all.

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