Thursday, June 16, 2011

Barack Obama: like Bill Clinton, but not as much fun.

Anyone who was paying attention during the last presidential campaign should have realized that Obama was essentially a moderate, business as usual sort of Democrat, i.e. not much different from Bill Clinton or Obama's primary opponent, Hillary Clinton. That's okay, I reckon, though certainly not the change for which many were hoping.

Anyway, I've nothing particularly against President Obama. I think he's done a decent job. I read an article comparing him (favorably) to Dwight Eisenhower and I can buy it. That's one Republican for whom I could have voted. I appreciate a cool head who can operate efficiently behind the scenes. Enough with the cowboys and playboys.

Yes, the economy is still pretty much a mess. I do not believe there is much the president or anyone else can do about that. Asking a politician can fix the economy is akin to requesting a chef to repair your car.

But both of them can help keep you fed until things are working again. I would consider this the proper action for government: not to tinker with the economy -- which is pretty much self-regulating in the long run -- but to ensure that people are not harmed too much by its ups and downs.

This is not to say that government can not and should not regulate and shape the economic picture, though I'm not sure how effective their actions often are -- even more so in this world economy. All the programs of FDR may not have done that much to bring us out of the Great Depression but they did do a lot to help citizens get by. That, at least, increased the confidence of the public which can ultimately help the overall picture.

As far as the Republicans looking to run against Obama go, I'm not impressed. Well, I'm not impressed much by either major party and am disinclined to vote for either as long as they accept corporate donations and remain in bed with the money interests. There is a perception by politicians throughout the spectrum that the nation and its welfare depends on big business and international competition. Where does that leave the rest of us?

As their employees, I suppose. That's not the world I'd be wanting. It shouldn't be surprising that I went over to the Green Party and haven't found any reason to leave.

But there aren't always Green candidates available, or viable ones. Chances are I would vote for Mr Obama again for lack of a better choice. Most of the Republicans offer nothing. Some of them seem utter dunces.

This should not come off as religious intolerance, but I could never vote for someone who believed in creationism. It simply shows an incapacity for critical thinking, an inability to form a logical conclusion from overwhelming evidence, and I would not want such a person in charge. Doubts about evolutionary theory, okay. Rejecting the possibility out of

Too many Republicans (and yes, Democrats as well) take life and beliefs in general like that. They are true believers in whatever and will be doctrinaire about it to the end, whether it be unfettered capitalism or the desire to regulate us all for our own good.

That latter led to the Progressive elements in this country giving us Prohibition, by the way -- Woodrow Wilson's one enduring legacy.

So Obama is a bit boring. No sex, no sax, no playing, no play-acting on aircraft carriers. That's a good thing, I say. Keep me bored a while longer.

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