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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Food Song

verse 1:
I know a rutabaga is a root,
But what a 'baga' is, I cannot say;
And while I'm on the subject, I must ask
Who eats those rutabagas anyway?

verse 2:
Something else that puzzles me is this:
Where did they come up with the name zucchini?
I do believe it is some kind of squash
But most are orange or yellow -- this one's greeny!

Oh, why do butter beans taste better buttered?
Why do we always scream for more ice cream?
Why is it such a job
to eat corn on the cob,
And why does lasagna always get on ya?

verse 3:
Don't turn up your nose when you're served turnips
and there are far worse things out there than wurst.
Oh, no somebody put quiche on my dish --
I do wish that they had asked me first!

verse 4:
Bread is not a fruit so why is breadfruit?
Grapes are fruit and so it seems are grapefruit!
A man goes for mangoes and monkeys go for mangoes
so there's no reason not to give an ape fruit!

bridge (sorta):
I yam what I yam
and I yam not a yam
Oh, I'm a sweet potato
yes I yam!

there will be an instrumental break or two somewhere in there

repeat that refrain/chorus thing here, natch

Stephen Brooke ©2011

It's been a bit of a long road to this one -- parts of it have shown up in various guises previously but I always had this in mind! The music I have running through my noggin is fairly straightforward and simple. No point in dousing something like this in a soup of jazz chords, after all.

I finally finished with all my handwritten notes and poems and such from earlier days -- mostly 2001 to 2004. Some ended up as digital notes on the computer, ideas and partially finished pieces to pick up again some other day.

The rest are now finished poems. Some were pretty much ready as they were or required modest rewriting. Others were almost completely reworked or created from my jottings. This brings the total up to 695 poems in my database, again, not including haiku and such or most of my songs.

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