Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I would use MySpace if I could. Really. But with my dial-up connection and the changes they've made over there, the site is simply unusable for me. Or at least extremely frustrating. I'm pretty much of a missing person over there the last three months.

Now, some thoughts on a different subject...


I've been giving definite thought to once again attempting a publication. This will not be in the immediate future, as the same considerations that led me to discontinue Peripheral Vision are still in effect. In time, though, so I'm setting down some ideas now:

THE ARACHIS REVIEW will be a literary magazine, but also perhaps a journal with a wider artistic reach.

Like Peripheral Vision, it should be somewhat remodernist/stuckist-oriented, but perhaps not to the same degree. I'm thinking the magazine will be a little more formal in general, a little more serious.

I do wish this new publication to be up-to-date. In that 'arachis' can mean a seed (besides being the scientific name for the peanut), I'm hoping for new growth here!

It will not be Post-Modern -- we're past that, I'm hoping, and ready to move on. The Post-Modern is no longer cutting edge -- that particular knife has grown dull. No Romantic pastiche, Gothic pretensions, etc. though formal verse will absolutely be welcome. I do want thoughtful essays, on writing, on art, on life. I definitely would like reviews, though not necessarily in the magazine proper.

Also in keeping with the Arachis/peanut references, I may choose to have a Southern slant to the contents. Is there a need for another regional magazine or should it be more universal? That's a decision that will come.

It will be an online magazine again -- it seems the obvious way to go these days -- and also again published in an ebook format, probably PDF as pretty much everyone can read that and it works with most ebook readers. Other formats might be a possibility as well.

Incidentally, the two issues of Peripheral Vision remain available as downloads on my site.

A related online community would be a possibility. Whether something like No Depression's site or simply a page at FaceBook or even an old-school Yahoo Group. I'll also be giving thought to placing a message board at the Insolent Lad site eventually (and not just for the magazine). I played with one there a few years back, just to familiarize myself with its operation, but never really opened it up to the public.

As with PV, it will be non-paying. I do suppose that could change if it were a unexpected success but we won't hold our breaths over that one, eh? I don't expect revenue at all and will probably eschew most or all advertising. If there are ads on the site (not in the magazine itself), they will be for products of the editors' choosing, not random Google or targeted stuff.

Now the big question: just why do we need this magazine? What is its purpose?

For one thing, much of what I read that claims to be 'cutting age' actually seems mired in conceptualism. Much of it is also overly-long, wordy and downright boring. Pretentious, even. If there is one thing I absolutely want to promote with AR it is a certain amount of elegance. I want the beauty of language and of ideas.

There is a need for work that says something, that does not simply present concepts and call them 'art.' I want to think the creator actually had something in mind other than being avant-garde or clever. Ambiguity becomes meaningless unless balanced by a point of view.

And a point of view can be rather off-putting without at least a little ambiguity. Ah, the duality of things! :)

Well, that's enough -- these are just some rambling thoughts about something I might do sometime. I will eventually need some little project to keep me out of trouble, after all.

SB June 2011

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