Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Between

There was a beginning
and there will be an end.

A big bang and a slow

Aren't we lucky to be
living in between?

Stephen Brooke ©2011

A little musing, sort of in the form of a sijo. But shorter and different and stuff.

* * *

After cobbling together the last posted poem, Hunters' Moon, I was thinking of how similar the process was to the way I've painted in the past. Each word is a loaded brush, ready to create a new nuance of color -- or be painted over when it doesn't quite work the way I wanted.

I was never a fast nor facile painter. I agonized over my brushstrokes, building up a picture with them, one by one, rarely blending much or slopping on wet runny paint.

Is it any wonder that when I write I often have a list of words and phrases I might use, much like laying out a palette? The advantage of writing over painting is that it is far, far easier to fix when it doesn't go quite as desired.

* * *

I decided, since I'm getting more visitors to the blog these days (gotta keep up the fresh content!) that I might try putting some ads here. So there's an Amazon thingy up top now and maybe I'll add another 'recommendation' or two. Adding some to the website too, only stuff that I actually would endorse, no 'targeted' Google ads or any of that.

Btw, I abandoned my occasional blog -- and membership -- at No Depression, the Americana magazine/community. I was there more than a year and it just wasn't worth it to me.

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