Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have journeyed long,
without a destination,
on restless roads of night,
in sleepless desperation.

I have yearned for peace,
somewhere, peace to last,
all the endless miles
I've raced against my past.

And I could have stopped,
pulled it over, thought
'No more, I've traveled far
enough and have found naught.

'Let life and road go on
without me at the wheel.
My eyes have longed to close;
this highway's all I feel.'

'Just a little further,
around this shadowed bend'
whispered my heart, knowing
you were my journey's end.

On roads of night it heard;
it knew your distant song
as I traveled far,
as I journeyed long.

Stephen Brooke ©2002/2011

Another partially finished piece from the notes, now apparently completely finished. On looking at this poem I see that it could probably be developed as a song. Maybe the two middle verses with a different melody to serve as bridge or maybe some more words added. Or maybe just leave well enough alone.

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