Friday, June 03, 2011

Man of War

Man of war, sleep well to night,
find peace where you lay your head;
the legs of dream may carry you
to dances with the dead.

I'm not the one to judge you, brother,
I'm not the one to ask;
the place to search is your own soul,
Man's solitary task.

You need answer to yourself
only, and your god,
if there are sins to be forgiven,
regrets for paths once trod.

I can not lead you home to rest,
your heart's where that land lies;
man of war, find sleep tonight
and peace when you close your eyes.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

A little ballad-like poem, developed from a phrase or two I've had sitting in my notes for years. I do suppose it could be sung if I had any ambitions in that direction. Themes here -- redemption, finding forgiveness within oneself -- that tend to pop up somewhat regularly in my stuff (though maybe not so much these days as they used to).

Extraordinarily hot here on Peanut Road (and lots of other places, apparently). Should be up around 100 again today and once again break some records. But not by that much -- we often have pretty hot weather this time of year, before the summer rains move in. They'll come and maybe soon -- rainy season is here in peninsular Florida so it's just a matter of time till it reaches us. I hope so anyway!

In the mean time I'm watering for 45 minutes to an hour morning and evening, hitting everything in the yard every two days. Much of what I have planted would definitely die otherwise and some of it probably will anyway. It's best to water when it's a tad cooler and shadier out, of course, except that the gnats are swarming by the thousands then! And now we have mosquitoes adding to the mix. Where the heck they've come from when there hasn't been any rain is a mystery.

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