Monday, June 06, 2011

My Distant Love

a ghazal

With longing, I pen verses for my distant love,
the words that tell how I adore my distant love.

Across the separating night I sing to her;
I loved no other so before my distant love.

My words are but the messengers I send ahead;
to meet her kisses I implore my distant love.

Again, I'll hold her in the doorways of my arms;
then I, this Lad, will love the more my distant love.

Stephen Brooke ©2003

It's probably that I posted this in an earlier form, under the title 'My Valentine.' Dug it out of my scribbled stack of notes and rewrote it somewhat. Better now, I reckons.

Although I'm calling it a ghazal, I might do better to say it's in the form or style of a ghazal, since it is in English. Inevitably, changing the language of a poetic form also changes the form into something different. Just as I don't consider haiku to be truly haiku unless they are in Japanese.

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