Thursday, June 30, 2011

The song lyric/poem I shared a few days ago, 'Occasional Fortune,' is now truly a song, not that there's anything particularly distinguished about it. I went so far as to work up a simple midi-and-loops arrangement for it if I feel like recording. Which is not that easy to do right now, my studio being pretty much in mothballs. But I can do pre-production midi and such on this computer in the office.

Theoretically, I could also record, either on this PC or on my portable recorder, but it's not really practical with me needing to be where I can keep tabs on Mom. No locking myself away right now. And no recording late at night -- I'm not getting enough sleep as it is.

None the less, I signed on for an account at Sound Click if I should decide to upload some music some day. Now that my dial-up connection is a little better -- though still far from ideal and still, well, dial-up -- I might be able to put up some tunes. When and if  I have them.

At which time I would put up a link, of course. Haven't even created an artist profile there yet.

At any rate, although the actual recording of my long-put-off album is still not really feasible, I can and should start some pre-production. There is absolutely no reason not to work up midi arrangements, whether or not I use any part of them in the long run. They can serve as templates or as nothing more than scratch pads for ideas. So I am making a start on that. I suspect that I'll do almost all the playing on this project. Down the line, I'm hoping to do more collaboration or put together a group.

As long as they recognize I'm the star, of course! :D

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