adventures in dysthymia

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tomorrow's Sea

Dreamer, sail with me, across tomorrow's sea;
we both know this wind that blows for you and me.
Choose one distant light and tell it who we are;
take the helm, then, dreamer, steer us by that star.

Lonely have I voyaged on this sea before,
dreaming toward that harbor on its distant shore.
Captain of night's barque, in mists I've sought and sailed;
always it lay hidden, always have I failed.

Dreamer, can you see the hills above a cove,
sea-birds rising dawn-ward, rest for those who rove?
No more must we, yearning, sail a nameless sea
of regrets and losses; dreamer, seek with me.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Yeah, it's trochaic hexameter...or is it? There's a fairly marked break in the middle of each line so it could be written out in lines of three syllables. Oh, I'd lose the strict use of trochees that way, wouldn't I? Well, hexameter it is!

Once again, a poem that started life as some fairly old notes. Most of it is completely new -- I had like one couplet and a few phrases I'd jotted down in 2003.

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