Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Life's a hoss y'know is gonna throw you.
The trick is all in knowin' how to land.

Courtin' gals is a lot like herdin' cattle.
Always be sure to stop and check the brand.

Your dog is your best friend goes without sayin'
unless you need someone to share a beer.

Ask for advice and you may get a lot of bull
when all you really need is a little steer.

Gettin' it wrong is nothin' much, most times.
It's just a part of learnin' to do things right.

A whole lotta men may choose to lie in  bed
but the truth's pretty easy to see come mornin' light.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

I suppose this might be considered 'cowboy poetry.' It is likely I'll add more to the piece eventually, if I think of anything appropriate (and can get it into poetic form). Maybe it could even turn into a song?

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