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Saturday, July 02, 2011

In the Boat

We're all in the same boat
But we're gettin' nowhere
I'm paddlin' real hard this way
You're rowin' towards over there
Sometimes we're headin' north
Othertimes south by west
Seems we never agree
Which direction is best

You fix your eyes on the distance
When I point to the nearest beach
There's an isle far out that way
You insist we need to reach
I'll tell you that shore isn't safe
There's cannibals or worse waitin' for us
You say the natives are friendly
Or at least they'll ignore us

The waves are too high
The water's too cold
Throw out the young
Throw out the old
Save the ship
Or abandon it
Some of us bale
Some just sit

The last captain steered us in circles
We needed a course correction
But the new one's doin' the same
Except the opposite direction
We must go where this boat takes us
when the compass fails
At least we still have plenty
of hot air to fill the sails

Stephen Brooke ©2011

A fairly simple song lyric. More political than I'm usually inclined to be. Or maybe anti-political. Or maybe just my normal grumpiness.

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