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Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the past week, the official drought situation here on Peanut Road has been downgraded from 'exceptional' to 'extreme' and now to 'severe.' Severe is not good but it's a heck of a lot better than exceptional. Some stuff is growing well now, like my grass and those Madagascar Periwinkles that like to come up everywhere. Other stuff didn't make it, some succumbing in the last few weeks, actually after we started getting some rain. Time to replace things soon and hope next summer's weather is more benign.

Maybe it's the bad internet situation keeping me offline much of the day or maybe it's just my mood but I've been getting a lot of work done on the 'Mouse' book. Finished some more illustrations -- I simply needed to do ink versions of things I'd already worked up in pencil -- and laid out the book provisionally in Open Office. Also designed the cover. Or a cover idea, perhaps.

I'm going with an 8.5 by 8.5 inch format, black and white drawings except for a bit of color added to the cover drawing. It's no great piece of publishing art but I'm seeing this as ramping up for further publishing adventures!

It's great to get going on some art work again. I've not had much enthusiasm for that for some time. My makeshift light table (an old glass patio table with a lamp on the floor) is helping though I think I'll need a real one one of these days.

My internet does continue to be abysmally slow and erratic. I was unable, today, to get online before late afternoon -- kept getting speeds like 7.2. They'd better get high-speed (affordable, of course) here soon. It's my biggest regret about leaving Steinhatchee.

I should add that the book I've been preparing, 'A Mouse Is In The House,' is also a song. Along with the rest of the work I've also been putting together a recording of it. Theoretically, I could put out something on a disk, perhaps an EP of children's songs. I certainly have enough of my own and/or public domain to throw together something.

However, I think for now I will just record the one song and make it available as a free download to help promote the book (or maybe scare small children away). This is lower priority than actually getting the book into print!

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