Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The internet is finally 'back,' as of yesterday (though it had been improving some for a day or so). It's not very fast but it has stabilized and I can stay on at 24.0 to 28.8 (it actually varies down to way slower speeds during use) for hours, if need be. And at those sorts of speeds, it does need be.

After a few attempts to use the uploader at my printer's site, I gave up and sent the book via FTP. No hitches there, downloaded the proof and it's ready to go. I need to upload my covers now, which are just as large an upload as the PDF of the book, thanks to the color graphics -- the book itself is all black and white. Once that's done, it's mostly a matter of setting the price, writing up a blurb and putting it in the store. I'll get a printed copy to make sure it looks okay, of course.

I may do a Mouse Is In The House store at Cafe Press with tee-shirts, mugs, etc. I'm not sure if the graphic (a variant on the front cover art) will look that great on merchandise nor whether anyone would want it for that matter. That's more large uploads, too, which remain an iffy proposition, but it's on the list of projects anyway.

* * *

I've done my best to convince Tucky that she is a frisbee dog but she's not buying it. Too bad, she certainly has the right sort of pedigree -- athletic and smart, as Border Collies are inclined to be.

She does think the frisbee is a good chew toy, so it doesn't fly very well anymore. Tucky's getting to be a big girl, probably pretty much at adult weight now. It's a good thing I have a large place for her to run and practice herding the cat. Ha, maybe I should get some sheep.

I probably should install a doggy door too (not that the cat couldn't use it) so she can come and go in colder weather. Right now, I just leave the door hanging open during the day -- she prefers it outdoors most of the time.

Unless it starts thundering. She's not one of those dogs that's particularly fearful of thunder, she just doesn't like the rain and wind and smart enough to know that comes with it.

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