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Monday, July 25, 2011

JUST A QUICK news update while I'm on line. If I can stay on line more than five minutes or so. My connection has been horrendous the last three days and I've barely been on at all.

Anyway, I finished my A Mouse Is In The House book and have a print-ready PDF ready to upload to the publisher. When I have a decent connection -- who knows when that will be? Then upload the covers, also finished, and get back a 'proof' PDF from Lulu and I should be good to go unless, of course, a problem shows up somewhere.

I also did a new revised edition of my poetry chapbook, Pieces of the Moon. The six-year-old version I had available needed the info updated. No change to the content. I'll upload that one too, when I can.

In the mean time, I've begun work on a new chapbook, titled, most likely, Nightwinds. That will be a collection of my mostly older more fantasy and Romantic oriented stuff. I've finished a couple small illustrations; decided to jettison the computer graphics I'd worked up some time back in favor of 'real' art. :)

When I get into this mode, the artist and designer thing, I don't do much writing. Nor music either, for that matter. Back to that part of my life later, I reckon. More news and announcement when I can. Maybe I'll even be able to update the website eventually!

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