Monday, July 18, 2011


God is Infinite Being filling Infinite Emptiness.

Does God (or Being or Existence) ever fully fill the Void?  Both yes and no must be the answer, if each is infinite. A paradox this is, a puzzle beyond solution. It must be so to our incomplete comprehension, our wanting words, but only through such limited metaphors as these we strive to employ can we grasp glimmers of understanding.

Within each of us is that infinite nothingness and the infinite God. This same paradox, this tension, is carried by every human. It is our nature, our soul.

* * *

We can know our hearts only through the symbols we weave, our stories of who we are. They fill us with ourselves. They create us as we create them.

Some maintain that we create Being by being, through moral and truthful lives we increase Existence. This is so only if we recognize that it does not decrease the Void. Both Being and Nothingness remain infinite; we cannot change this. We are a part of the process of the Infinite Being filling the Infinite Emptiness.

Each of us exists in infinite permutations throughout the Infinite. Every atom, every sub-atomic particle, every thing that is, has endless variation. Every second of time includes an infinity of diverging paths.

In God, they all exist. What can be, is.

* * *

Infinite Being, if it is to be called God, must be conscious. It must be aware of itself or it is without meaning.

But then, were it not aware it would not truly be the Infinite -- it would not be all-encompassing. It would be something less than the totality of all Being. Infinite awareness must be; it must 'fill' all existence. We are part of that awareness.

SB 2011

Probably the last of these metaphysical meanderings for a while -- this bit has sat in my files, waiting for me to think more deep thoughts, but I had nothing to add so I'm posting it now.

An admission: these pieces are not just me jotting down philosophical ideas but also a bit of back-story to my fantasy novel. Specifically, there is a wide-spread religion called Kamatianism (or maybe Kamatism) with a somewhat dualistic slant (a la Zoroastrianism) so I decided to try my hand at working out some of the  theology that might lie behind its tenets.

Well, three good days of rain! At last, the precipitation we've been needing -- not that we're out of the drought. However, this little corner of Jackson County had its official drought condition lowered one notch. For what that's worth. I did lose a few plants in the last few weeks, actually after we started to get some rain. Not enough rain, apparently, and too much heat. It's time now to think about planting and transplanting things. In about a month, maybe. I'm looking through nursery catalogs. Making a list and checking it twice.

And of course I need to start mowing now. Some just about every day to cover this largish plot and still have time for my other chores.

My dog Tucky keeps proving that she's smarter than me. Especially in figuring out how to get into the house when I don't want her. She's learned to push the screens out of the windows -- the two reachable ones on the porch -- and slip in, as well as the gate in my doorway. She's also figured out how to get up on a chair and get at the cat's food. Being a moderately large dog (my past experience is with little schnauzers and beagles) she has more muscle and reach than I'm used to! I've nailed up lattice over the windows so that should keep her out of them.

She got spoiled maybe these last three days as I let her stay inside during the heavy rain. Normally, she spends the day outside and sometimes sleeps out in the carport too. Maybe I just need to install a doggy door, especially for use when the weather turns cold. That will happen, you know. It did last year anyway...

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