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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Perfectly Well

verse 1:

I've made my share of mistakes,
had more than my share of heart aches.
Told myself those are the breaks,
told myself those are the stakes.

verse 2:

So I'd give love another chance,
hope for happy happenstance,
knowing I might find romance
as near as the next slow dance.

chorus 1:

As so many times before
I'd fall in love once more,
but it would never last,
I'd fall out just as fast.
Then there was suddenly you
and what could I do?
You smiled at me and I fell;
you know it perfectly well.

chorus 2:

Love can be a magic show,
illusion, this I know.
Tricks meant to enthrall,
I thought I'd learned them all.
This sleight-of-hand is new,
one puzzle I can't see through.
Now I'm under your spell;
you know it perfectly well


You know where my heart is, it's always with you;
You know what it's feeling, you know that it's true.
Wherever I go, whatever I do,
You know I'm forever in love with you.

chorus 3:

Somehow, this time's not the same
as those before when love came;
forever and a day
or two, I'm planning to stay.
Some things I can't explain
yet here I am and remain.
That's all there is to tell; 
you know it perfectly well.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Another song lyric in the 'classic' style of the Twenties through Forties, when 'verse' and 'chorus' didn't mean quite what they do today. Whatever they mean today. Space of course in there for the big band to play for a while!

I've been reading the ARC of the novel by my niece and sister, 'Sparrow Alone on the Housetop,' and sending along any notes I make. Very little necessary, so far. It seems pretty well written.  And surprisingly few typos. The book should be out by autumn, from a small press called 4RV Publishing. Expect a review from me down the line. Not too critical a one, obviously, as I have a slight conflict of interest.

Remains hot here on Peanut Road. We had some rain and continue to have dry days as well. Very heavy storms a couple days ago -- the rainfall may have helped a good bit there. I'll have to go out and mow now that the grass is growing again.

Tucky's little boyfriend from next door got himself into the road and killed. He won't be bringing his toys over to play anymore. She misses having him to chase around, I can tell, even if she is a naturally more sedate dog.

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