Saturday, July 30, 2011

RIGHT NOW I'm waiting for a printed copy of my new book, A Mouse Is In The House, to arrive here so I can check it over. If all is well, I'll put out the word that it is available. If there's a problem, I'll stamp me feet and pout and maybe even lie on the floor and have a tantrum.

I'm hoping mostly that I like the finished size. I suspect it would have been as well to go an inch smaller all around (7.5x7.5 instead of 8.5x8.5). Cheaper, too. But unless it really looks wrong, I won't change anything. This will also give me some idea of what size to go for the next children-oriented book, which will probably be the beginner chapter book, The Contrary Fairy.

That's all at my Lulu printer and store. There's news about my Cafe Press store -- or stores -- too. Those are where I sell the tees, some poster prints, etc. The deal there has changed so I no longer have to maintain 15 different free 'basic' stores. I can now put everything into one big store (the kind they formerly referred to as 'premium' stores) without paying upfront. Instead they will take a percentage of sales, up to a certain level. If I had lots of sales, it would be better to just pay for the store by the year and save money but right now sales are pretty much nil!

So there is a new store at CP called 'Insolent Lad Media' with nothing in it at the moment. I'll migrate the merchandise from my other shops as time allows. Maybe having everything together will help sales. Couldn't hurt anyway.

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