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Sunday, July 31, 2011

SO, I downloaded Scribus (and the Postscript program that it needs to function) and theoretically have a decent Desktop Publishing program that I could use for a larger book, should I so desire. It seems okay though it will take some time to learn it. I may just download Serif's free version of their DTP program, Page Plus 'Starter Edition,' and see how it compares.

Though Serif's free downloads are rather huge and may simply be impractical with my connection. Which is a LOT better now -- I actually got on once (and once only) at 37 yesterday (usually operating at 26.4 or 28.8). And it's being quite stable, which is more important.

While I'm at it, I may also download their Draw Plus graphics program, starter version again. So far, I have not found anything that will quite replace my old Corel Draw 8 'Classic,' though I've tried Open Office Draw, Creative Docs, and Inkscape. They're all perfectly good programs, I'm sure, they just lack some of the features I want or they make them harder to use -- especially with their often sketchy documentation.

Ease of use and quick work-flow is very important to me, more important than a lot of added and generally unused features. When this old XP machine dies and/or I decide to migrate to Windows 7, I'll need a replacement.

addendum: Well, forget Serif. I simply can not pause and restart downloads from them and that's the ONLY way I would be able to handle ones that large.

* * *

I need to avoid treating Mom like the dog -- I find myself patting her and saying 'good girl.' It's becoming increasingly difficult to get her to do anything on her own anymore. I can see the day coming soon when I'll just have to pick her up and put her down when I need for her to move, get out of bed, get on the toilet, etc. Fortunately, she'll still eat -- eventually -- if I put food in front of her. There may be a time when I have to start feeding her.

Right now, I'm afraid she may outlast me. A week or so back I had a bad fall and whacked my head hard on the drafting table. What if I were incapacitated by something like that? I worry a lot about that.

* * *

Fall is coming. Really. Yeah, I know it doesn't feel like it but here we are at the end of July. In a couple weeks I reckon I can get back into gardening mode. Maybe plant some second-season veggies, plant or transplant trees and bushes and so on. Sent a nursery order a couple days ago. Lots of hibiscus this time. A new experiment!

With any luck, next spring and early summer won't be as dry as this one. It could happen, of course. Shoot, it could even be worse and I'll end up growing yuccas and cacti. But I'm betting on a little more rain and planning accordingly.

Also, once a little cooler weather arrives, I want to get back onto my walkway projects. Get out and buy a load of pavers. But it's WAY too hot to work on something like that right now -- that's a winter job. I can also get back to work on my music/studio room. Having taken down the ceiling I installed two years ago, I need to weather proof around the tops of the walls or it will be very cold in their. Even if I just staple up a plastic barrier for now.

One nice thing about having it open overhead again -- besides looking better -- is that it gives me access to a bunch of added storage space over the carport. That's where I most need to weather proof too so shoving a bunch of storage boxes up there may help! Not to mention getting them off the floor in the carport where they've been in the way for years now.

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