Thursday, August 25, 2011


intro verses:

The Cannibal Cafe is open tonight,
it's just the place to grab a bite.
But make sure it isn't a bite of you
and don't end up in a cannibal stew.

At the Cannibal Cafe, you're seated and then you
check that you aren't on the menu.
It seems that a lot of folks go in
But not as many come out again.

chorus 1:

Oh, I went to the Cannibal Cafe for lunch,
the nuggets looked good so I ordered a bunch,
Tasted like chicken but I have a hunch
they served me something else to munch!

The crazy waiter they had there
seemed to prefer to go quite bare,
except for his beads and a bone in his hair
and of course his boutonniere.


Beware, beware,
you don't want to go there.
Don't dare, don't dare,
or you'll be luncheon fare!

Keep away, keep away
from the Cannibal Cafe.
Be careful if you stay,
you'll end up on the buffet!
chorus 2:

Oh, I went to the Cannibal Cafe to dine,
had me some chops and a nice red wine.
When dessert arrived, I had to decline--
those lady fingers came from a friend of mine!

You might be famous, it is true.
and well known for the many things you do.
But no one's going to recognize you
when you come to the table as barbecue!

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Another silly song in something of a music hall style. Bits of this have sat in my notes for years but once I made an effort to work it up, it came together fairly quickly. Incidentally, at one time I thought this might be a piece for my on-the-back-burner Pirate musical but it works better like this.

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