Sunday, August 21, 2011


verse 1
The sun rises over the Atlantic,
sets in the Gulf of Mexico;
you can see them both the same day,
it's not very far to go.

verse 2
Right across the state of Florida,
enjoy the scenery along the  way;
The sun you greeted from Flagler Beach
will go to rest in Deadman Bay.

verse 3
The ocean is full of morning light,
meant for the eyes of a romantic;
hold your girl by your side
and watch the sun rise from the Atlantic.

Driving coast to coast,
  Florida's the state with the most.
It's long but it's not wide,
  with beaches on either side!
Driving east to west,
  Florida is the best.
All across the Sunshine State
  are treasures that await.

verse 4
Drive into the afternoon
and pretty soon you're bound to reach
a spot to watch the setting sun,
at dusk down on a white sand beach.

verse 5
After the sun has slipped away,
find yourself a good place to park,
and see stars come out over the Gulf
as the sky is growing dark.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

I consider this song lyric to be extremely rough. It's something -- a 'Florida song' obviously -- I've been dabbling at for a while. Some come easily, some don't.

Like the last lyric I posted, Ancestors. I simply sat down and hammered it out over a few hours. This one wouldn't do that and I'm still not particularly enthralled with it. Maybe I never will be. I think part of the problem was that I was never quite sure how serious the song should be -- it started out as a humorous piece but much of that is gone.

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