Sunday, August 21, 2011

Following a quick consultation with my inner George Formby, I got out the banjolele and wrote up some music for the Ancestors song I posted yesterday. In that a song like this is totally about getting the lyrics across, simple but bouncy is the way to go.

Someday maybe I'll be able to do something with it. For now, into the files with the rest.

* * *

A while back, I posted a roughly recorded piece on a songwriters site (this was when my internet connection wasn't quite so infuriatingly bad). The thing that surprised me (many didn't get the humor, of course, and I expected that) was that some chided me for my hillbilly twang.

I guess they thought it had to have been put on. And maybe it was, some, but that twangy hillbilly is part of me. Most of the folks there were trying to write 'modern country' and I don't they think they appreciated my 'old time' voice.

I've said before that singing is acting. I'll use the voice that fits the part...though I do have to be careful not to slip into Dylan mode.

And then, I can always sing in my Elmer Fudd voice. 'Kiww the wabbit! Kiww the wabbit!'

* * *

I do think I'd better install a doggy door before the weather turns cold. I don't want to be letting the animals in and out all day (or night). Had one in Steinhatchee but that was for a couple cats. And a few cats that weren't mine. And the occasional small raccoon or opossum.

I'm thinking maybe I should invest in a good chain saw too. I can't see spending thousands (I don't have) to get these big oaks out of here. Even if I don't cut them down, I can lop off limbs and ring them deeply enough to die.

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