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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A MOUSE is in the house! She came in today's mail.

Yep, my printed copy of the Mouse book arrived and it looks great! Maybe not really that enticing for a wee one with its black and white pics but this was a bit of an experiment in book-making. No, not the kind where you bet. But you can put some money down at my Insolent Lad Media store at Lulu.

As long as I was ordering a copy of my own book, I also got my Aussie friend Donna's book, The Guitar Pin, and will try to get through that rather thick volume. I was interested not only in reading the story but also in seeing how Lulu did on printing out a larger novel. Looks good enough.

Now I need to finish the little song that goes with the book. I've laid down the backing tracks but need to add voice and some sort of lead. Maybe I'll just whistle. I whistles purty good.

* * *

After the debacle of the non-functioning Dell computer last year I finally decided to get another computer. This time a bulky medium-power Gateway that offered an excellent deal. I don't need compact, I need something that works and is trouble-free. I've been using this Gateway XP machine for nearly ten years without problem.

Yeah, I know the company has different owners now but the new ones have a reasonably good reputation too. It should become my primary web machine but also serve as a general purpose PC. Especially when this one finally dies.

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