Monday, August 15, 2011


I water my garden daily,
I tend to all its needs,
And am rewarded with
A vigorous crop of weeds.
To gaze on their profusion
Inevitably leads
Me to wonder why
I bothered to buy seeds.

SB 2011

The first little taste of Fall weather as a cool front slipped in today -- we may actually be in the upper 60s tonight! Wowzers! Alas, not a drop of rain fell with the front passing through so I have a watering regimen to maintain.

Spent a lot of time outside today with the nicer weather anyway. Really needed to catch up on my mowing as I missed a week waiting for parts to come in to repair the mower. Nothing major, just a new drive belt. That's the sort of repair work I can do -- I'm no mechanic!

A couple more weeks and I should be able to do Fall stuff like major transplanting. I do need to get all these seedling peaches set out somewhere. I actually got a few peaches this year on my three larger (chest to head high) trees. I have a lot of rather small pears ripening as well. As usual, I'll not have the time nor inclination to do anything with them.

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