Friday, August 26, 2011


In sports, I mostly sat on the bench,
in shop, they called me Mr Badwrench.
Yes, I was a nerd but I'm okay now,
I'm cooler than they should allow!

My friends got fat, they lost their muscles,
but life will favor he who hustles
and learns from his many mistakes,
so now I've got just what it takes!

If you've got what it takes, they'll take what you've got
and what I've got just can't be bought!
Some have sought and some have been taught
but they've never caught onto what I've got!

No, you don't have a shot at having what I've got
and I have a lot of what I've got!
Some I've brought along, some I've not,
but I've got what it takes, so they'll take what I've  got!

I'm  not going out of my way to impress
but it's hard to hide this air of success,
for I remember at the end of each day,
I'm the one to thank for turning out this way!

All my regards to my old schoolmates
who will never be numbered among the greats
and not have what I have, those are the breaks,
but I've still got just what it takes!

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Again, somewhat of light music hall approach to a song lyric. I consider the verses here to be essentially filler -- they could readily be jettisoned and new verses written to surround the chorus part. It could be adapted to a storyline or show concept, if needed.

Used to be, I'd make an update at Twitter, Face Book, etc. every time I posted here but with the internet so iffy over the past half-year, I don't always bother. Hardly ever use Twitter anymore -- won't load up much of the time anyway.

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