Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wow, I'm online at 41.2. That's the fastest in...well, several months I think. Internet is still iffy, still erratic, still up-and-down, but it is getting better here. Until it gets worse again, of course.

It seems I bought the new PC just in time, as the old Mac Mini died. Hard drive went. Fortunately, everything on it had long since been backed up elsewhere. Being an obsolete PowerPC Apple, it had pretty much outlived its usefulness anyway. The only thing I was using it for recently was playing DVDs.

I would never buy another Apple computer nor any Apple products for that matter. The stuff is okay but overpriced and I don't much care for the company's attitude.

Incidentally, I did go ahead and invest in Corel Draw. I needed something I could depend on for graphics and it's just the right fit for my needs. Better than ever, actually, despite a few small changes in workflow that tend to peeve me. With any luck, the new version will last me ten years like the old one.

* * *

Looks like another heat wave is upon us here. Upper 90s -- and dry -- for the next week. I probably got my nursery stock into the ground too early but I wasn't really expecting it to come so soon! I'll be watering and hoping.

I wouldn't buy anything else until Spring, most likely, unless I get to a local nursery and something looks good. I've enough stuff of my own to tranplant, when it gets a little cooler and wetter. Or just cooler -- I'm afraid this drought is going to hang on a while.

* * *

Mom is getting by but it is getting more and more difficult to interact with her. I just do as I can and try to guess what's going on in her head.

Getting her to eat is difficult, at times -- I never know if she'll dig in or just stare at her food. Leaving snacks out is my best solution, though not always a good idea in hot and buggy weather! She doesn't really know her when-and-where so there's no point in trying to keep her on a schedule. All I can do is have things ready when she is ready.

* * *

I find that I have a couple of deactivated accounts at Face Book, left from abortive attempts to join in prior to opening my current account. I wonder if there would be any point in using them. Face Book never deletes them entirely so they will still be sitting there.

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