Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Drink Down at the ePub

I looked into doing an ePub version of the new book in addition to print and PDF. The poetry and picture books aren't particularly suited to that sort of thing because they call for rigid page-by-page formatting but a novel is fine for ePub (or Kindle or whatever) where the text 'flows' freely on the screen. Some of the formatting I've already done on The Middle of Nowhere is not particularly suitable for conversion to ePub so I'll let it go. Almost all ebook readers can handle PDF anyway.

I would really need to convert my existing file to RTF, remove any text boxes, and apply heading styles to my chapter titles so ePub will generate a table of contents. Possibly change the font, too. Maybe later.

On the next book, I'll make sure to use heading styles, anyway. Especially if it's a non-fiction book, where a contents listing is more important. Although the PDF of TMON doesn't have a table of contents, the Adobe reader displays thumbnails of each page to aid navigation.

I was a bit peeved to find that Lulu is dropping CD and DVD from its products. They did this with posters and art prints a year or two back (though they expanded their offering of big art and photo books). I guess they just don't sell well enough (or have as good a profit margin) so they're going to concentrate on books.

I might as well rename the store there 'Arachis Press' instead of 'Insolent Lad Media' if I can only sell books now. Darn, I may have to go around changing my links again.

Of course, I wasn't able to use Lulu for CDs anyway because they would only accept uploaded music files and that is quite impossible with my connection. Cafe Press is about the only POD CD producer that asks one to mail a disc in. I tried them some time back but they have zero support for the product and their template for the inserts has been broken for years. They simply don't seem to think it's worth fixing it. Their base price is rather high too.

(addendum, later in the day: I dropped by Cafe Press and found they announced an end to CD production a month or so back. So I guess that's why they never fixed their designs.)

Oh well, until I find time (and, more importantly, the seclusion) to record, it doesn't matter much. The fact that I can't really work on music (or painting, for that matter) is kind of why I decided to put all my efforts into these writing and publishing projects for now.

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