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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm about three-quarters of way through my rewrite of The Middle of Nowhere now, churning along. I see,looking into my files, that the original draft was from 1999. Not quite as far back as I was thinking but a while, none the less.

It is not as bad as I was thinking, either. I'm actually not making that many changes, though it certainly counts as a rewrite. I had to decide on a specific time frame for the story -- decided on 1998-99 -- and take out any anachronisms. It was originally more in the first half of that decade but I thought it better to slightly modernize.

This also lets me set up a time frame for the Branford Perry stories set in the same mythical Gulf Coast town.

I sure used a lot of semicolons back then! Some, I'm removing but I'll let a lot of them stand. These days I'm much more likely to use an 'em' or just break the thought into two sentences.

I had sent this manuscript out to various publishers back ten years or so ago and did some fairly extensive rewrites at that time. That's why it really doesn't need much change now. At any rate, this time I'm going to put it out myself. If nothing else, it will give me the experience of setting up a full-length novel in press-ready form.

Once I've finished this draft, which I do as a Rich Text file in WordPad (I don't want to worry too much about formatting or even spelling at this point -- I do all my early drafts as RTF), I'll transfer each chapter over to Open Office Writer for finalizing. Writer files can supposedly be plugged right into the Scribus publishing program. If I can figure out how!

I do suppose I could work up a little art for the book. A cover, of course, and at least a frontispiece. Maybe a map. Or I might just have a photo or two around that fits.

And I must decide whether to invest in an ISBN. I don't know if it's really necessary or even particularly useful for a book that will probably never see the inside of a physical book store. Still, maybe I should just go ahead and purchase a block of ten numbers for the Arachis Press.

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