Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Okay, it's been a while. Not a really long while but kind of long for me. Partly due, once again, to bad internet connection. I had a couple days there when I simply couldn't get on at an acceptable speed. Back to sort of normal, now.

Busy too. Not just taking care of this place and working on my own creative projects, but Mom has needed extra attention. She's pretty much stopped standing up for me and it's become more difficult to clothe her, bathe her, get her on and off the potty, etc. It wouldn't be quite so much trouble if she didn't panic and flail about when I try to help her stand or move from chair to chair. It will just get worse, I know -- but, as I've said before, as long as I can get her to eat I can manage the rest.

And now I have a new powerful battery in the 15 year old truck so I won't be quite so worried about it starting. Or not starting. I usually left it running whenever I went to the store or anything for fear I wouldn't be able to get back home!

I should have my new novel out in a couple or three weeks. That would be The Middle of Nowhere, the Young Adult book. I'm pretty much done with edits and proof-reading so I'll upload the press-ready PDF to the printer soon. Must design a cover too -- I have the picture for it and wrote a blurb for the back, so it's mostly just a matter of laying it out.

As this book is intended for Young Adults, I was trying to sound like a bright 16 year old. It's actually aimed at an audience a couple years younger than that. Kids like to read about a protagonist who is a little older and dream about what they will do when they are that age.

Of course, I may sound like a 16-year-old (and not necessarily a bright one) most of the time...

Anyway, it's 242 pages, 53,000 words, 4 b/w illustrations and about as good as I can get it without it being a different book. I'll be able to get back onto one of the other writing projects when it's in print.

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