Monday, September 19, 2011

A Pirate I Be

A pirate I be,
a-sailin' on the sea,
and not one man of ye
is even half so free
as me!

A pirate I be,
from Tortuga Key,
and if they catch me
I'll hang from a tree,
so I'll flee!

I sails in search of plunder,
and just in case you wonder,
I'll send yer ship right under!
I have a cannon and fire it
for I be a pirate!

A pirate I be,
and so's me mate, you see.
A pirate wench is she,
a-sittin fancy-free
on me knee!

A pirate I be,
and rum's the drink for me,
the drink of piracy!
I drinks it on the sea
in me tea!

Stephen Brooke ©201

A very quick little lyric I wrote for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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