Monday, September 19, 2011

Pondering POD

So, I've looked into other places that do POD CDs and DVDs, now that Cafe Press and Lulu have dropped them, and found a couple possibilities, TrepStar and Kunaki. TrepStar DOES ask for a disc rather than uploaded files so it's probably ideal for me. Kunaki, although it seems better in some other respects, requires uploading my music. Impossible for me at this time.

It appears that both allow me to choose between them taking the orders or me doing it myself, though in all instances I would be selling through my own site. Unlike Lulu or Cafe Press, there are no storefronts at their sites. Also, Kunaki provides a UPC barcode whereas TrepStar requires I provide my own -- if I feel I need one.

I'll probably have lots of time to think about this before I make any choices. Who knows when I'll have new material to offer? But I may try to get my older stuff out, just to see if the process works. Wouldn't really expect to sell any except maybe directly to folks at live shows.

There are none of those in my immediate future. If I was selling physical product myself, I could run off a few on my own or have them manufactured for less at Disc Makers or wherever.

For the advantage of places like these, or Lulu and Cafe Press is not that they can manufacture our products -- that could be done elsewhere and more cheaply -- but that they can also handle the selling and shipping. And, of course, there is the much lower initial investment involved in POD manufacturing.

Lulu is a great choice for the small publisher. Their quality is certainly adequate although I might not use them for a high-end art book. The unit price for manufacturing might be a little more than some but is offset by reduced costs for distribution, book stores and other middle-men. If one is willing to take a fairly small profit on each book, the price to the consumer is competetive.

* * *

Looked into being a affiliate for Lulu, which means signing up via Google AdSense, but I don't think it's a great idea if I'm writing reviews. Conflict of interest and all that. So I'll just put buttons and ads for my own products on my sites and blogs.

For that matter, I will withdraw my Amazon affiliate ads as well. I intend to write more reviews as they DO attract readers.

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