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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Splice and Dice

As I leafed through the latest edition of Tape Op (the only paper magazine to which I still subscribe), I noticed, in the back pages, a little review of a 'better' splicing tape. Yes, there are still people out there splicing together pieces of analog recording tape.

I'm not one of them but it sure brings back some memories! I did embrace digital recording to a hard drive early on and never looked back. Tape was fine, in its time, but I've no urge to return to those days.

I spliced a few tapes when younger but I spliced far more film. I was into making 8mm movies at one point, mostly of surfing. Now, of course, anyone with a smart phone or such can make movies. I suppose that's one reason I've never gotten back into it, nor photography in general.

It's been devalued. As has music, in considerable part.

In that same issue was an interview with Brian Eno. An interesting guy, certainly, with interesting things to say. At the same time, he occasionally exemplifies those aspects of Post-modernism against which I'm inclined to rail, e.g. the pursuit of concept. Not always, though.

He discussed his iPhone app, 'Bloom,' which will constantly generate, at random, new music. Okay, that's fine...but hey, I've got wind chimes on my porch that do the same and I don't need some electronic gadget in my pocket.

Just the breeze and a moment to sit and enjoy.

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