Wednesday, October 05, 2011


(another old pre-Lucky Lad blog, c.2003, revamped for today!)

You know, I was probably anorexic as a teen and my early twenties. I was chubby as a kid–pretty porky looking by the time I reached ten. I started dieting when I was 13 or so, skipping lunch, etc. And I did get thin, though never quite the body I had in mind! Not much muscle – I was not an athletic kid.

Eventually, I did become more active. I started surfing, real surfing, not the body boarding I had done earlier. More importantly, I got into boxing... and then I had an whole other weight question. Should I starve myself into lighter weight categories or put on muscle? I mostly went with the former and depended on reach and endurance. Not much strength. I’m very small boned anyway, so it seemed the natural choice. At 5' 9 ½” and 130 lb, I had a longer reach than pretty much anyone I would face.

I tried dropping even lighter but it effected my health. One morning, I stood up and everything went black. Totally blind. I sat down and vision returned. Stood up again... blind. I walked on my hands and knees to the fridge and got some food into myself and I was okay but I’ve never dieted that hard again! In fact, that scare probably ended my somewhat self-destructive eating habits. I started working out more, eating more, and though I never boxed as a welter-weight, I moved myself up to that size.

Then, of course, I got into bodybuilding, ate large quantities of food and bulked up to 180!

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