Monday, October 03, 2011


Winter decided to pay us an early visit on Peanut Road. My thermometer registered about 40 both this morning and yesterday -- that's more like a typical January day than what we might expect in the first week of October.

Let it be a fluke, please, and give us a little autumn weather for the next month or two!

* * *

The Middle of Nowhere is finally done and uploaded to the printer (as a 9 MB PDF -- with my lousy connection I pretty much have to FTP anything that large). The cover will be finalized next. On these last edits I focused more on the typesetting concerns (though I did find a very small number of typos and reworded a few things I thought needed improvement).

I was looking at some of the flashy covers out there. Most seem like overkill to me. My covers so far have been pretty subdued and are liable to so remain. To be honest, I don't think one truly needs more than the title and author on a solid color. Worked for hard-covers for centuries.

This will bring Arachis Press up to three books. More will be forthcoming -- only my writing for now but that might change.

* * *

I realize that it's a tad longer, at almost 53,000 words, than is recommended for a Young Adult novel. Compared to a Harry Potter book, however, it is quite short! I may have chosen to write in the voice of a fifteen-year-old but I tried not to write down to my audience; it is a book for young ADULTS, after all.

Not that it is particularly complex. Considering how complicated many popular television series can get, I think young readers will easily follow a few simple interweaving sub-plots.

Many of the ideas for Middle came from my own experiences with kids that age in a similar area -- when I lived in Steinhatchee, I put in some time as a substitute teacher at the high school in Cross City.

If I finish the covers, I could have it available for sale in a couple days. However, I would prefer to have a printed copy in my hands to look over before announcing the official release.

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