Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back in the Saddle-stitch

I have chosen and ordered the 49 poems that will go into 'Dreamwinds.' Also written are fore- and afterwords. More illustrations need to be finished, cover designed, and size finalized -- this latter can come fairly late in the formatting stage, actually. The book should end up at a length where I could choose to go with saddle-stitched rather than perfect bound.

That will lower the cost and I wouldn't mind being able to offer 'Dreamwinds' at a lower price. 'Pieces of the Moon,' a slightly shorter poetry book, is stapled so maybe I'll stick with that for my chapbooks.

It does, in fact, produce a more durable book as there is no glue that might fail and let pages fall out -- the bane of inexpensive binding. The main disadvantage is no spine for the title. However, that would be rather cramped on a thin book anyway.

Some may perceive it as less professional with the saddle-stitched assembly. Book stores might not want to handle a product without a title on the spine, as well. I don't really expect to get 'Dreamwinds' into stores so that doesn't worry me much. But I will allot it an ISBN, as I will the revised edition of 'Pieces' I intend to release soon.

Release date? Probably at the start of the new year, maybe a little sooner. That really depends on how quickly I can finish the pictures -- the actual formatting and release should be fairly quick and easy once I'm done illustrating.

Probably not in time for Christmas shopping, though. Yes, I know there are folks out there clamoring for my book this holiday season. I guess they'll just have to be satisfied with one of my other titles from the Arachis Press. ;)

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