Thursday, October 06, 2011


I've mentioned the idea here -- and included a passage on the topic in the new novel -- that there are two types of people who 'succeed.' These are the perfectionist and the competitor.

The death of Steve Jobs reminded me of this. I consider Jobs and his arch-rival, Bill Gates, to be rather good examples. Steve was an extreme perfectionist while Bill is notoriously competitive. Each was wildly successful in the pursuit of his goals.

It is perhaps no wonder that the two clashed. They were attempting to achieve very different things for themselves, even if the end result for their respective companies was the same.

I suppose Apple will now gradually become more like any other large company. Visionaries from Ford to Sony have founded enterprises that bore their stamp while they lived, only to become one more faceless corporate giant. I suspect Apple has far too much momentum to fizzle out anytime soon.

But it will never be the same without Steve Jobs on the job.

* * *

I'm working up some new designs for my Cafe Press shop(s). I've neglected them and need to get in and revamp everything. Here are some low-rez rough ideas I'm playing with (for tee-shirts and other merch).

I also intend to offer merchandise with the cover picture from 'A Mouse Is In The House."

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