Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Mouse, a Cat, a Dog

A short notice to let folks know that the cover art from our children's picture book, 'A Mouse Is In The House,' is now available on tee-shirts and other merchandise at The Insolent Lad Emporium, our Cafe Press Shop.

That's at

We now have five designs up at the new and improved Emporium, two of them new. More to follow -- though it's mighty slow work with my connection.

Also remember to stop by the Insolent Lad Media page at Face Book and take a likin' to us. To be found at
'The Middle of Nowhere', my YA novel, has been available a little while now at the Arachis Press 'spotlight' at Lulu, along with our other two titles. All of the versions are currently sorted out and correct, and available both as print and PDFs. I hope to continue to add titles regularly, perhaps quarterly.

And that one is at

I do have a box of the TMON books on hand here (as well as the poetry chapbook, 'Pieces of the Moon') so I can sell them direct if I ever get more than three miles away from my house again. Or send autographed copies to people who have a hankering to see my handwriting.

 * * *

In other fascinating news, I installed a home-made pet door (i.e. sawed a hole and hung a cloth over it) for Tucky and Molly's use in cold and inclement weather. I'll 'upgrade' it in time but what I have could serve indefinitely. They are allowed free rein in the front two rooms (library/living room and art studio) which will be closed off from the rest of the house in cold weather.

I'd let them into the other rooms -- and may on really cold nights -- but Mom doesn't interact well with a boisterous and fairly sizable dog. And the cat matches the floor so well she's liable to be run over by a wheel chair.

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