Friday, October 28, 2011

Pieces for EPUB

I got around to putting out my first EPUB ebook, a revised version of my poetry chapbook, Pieces of the Moon. It came out okay and can be found (and purchased) at: 

Right now, it's only in my spotlight at Lulu but it should eventually make its way to Barnes & Noble and the Apple ibook store and maybe some other places. Assuming they don't find something they dislike about it. Whatever. I did it mostly as an exercise before tackling something larger like a novel!

I first tried converting the title myself, in Calibre, and it looked fine in a couple different readers but Lulu wouldn't accept, citing various errors. So I uploaded my Open Office Writer file to their online converter and it worked well enough. I'm satisfied with the product.

I will, soon, be putting up revised print and PDF versions of the book too. No real content change, just updated information and such. A book of poetry is bound to look better in PDF format so if you have to have a digital version, I recommend that.

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